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While you're there...

Nick Cox, September 17 2019

One of  the videos shot during a business trip to Germany 2019.

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Now we're really live!

Nick Cox, July 12 2019

Today marks the 27th business day since our submission of all related docs and payment to the CAA requesting a Permission for Commercial Operations - some call it the drone licence although there's actually no such thing.  This means that we can now take on commissions, bid on tenders and apply for work as a fully fledged commercial operator.  Hard...

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We might be going racing!

Nick Cox, June 28 2019

We have been asked to film a motor racing event.  Permissions are being sought from the racetrack owners.  Meanwhile flight plan and RAMS are being prepared.  Watch this space!

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Live Chat!

Nick Cox, June 4 2019

Chat service powered by is now live.

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Site launch

Nick Cox, June 3 2019

Official site launch is today.  We have been working on the design and content over the last couple of weeks.  We will soon be able to add our CAA accreditation details.

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